The 10 most frequently asked questions

  1. Can I bring a pet?
    answer: That's usually not a problem, look at the features in the house description at the Novasol home page.

  2. What are the arrival times and lengths of stay?
    answer: the arrival time and stay lengths are variable. For arrivals outside the block times (check-in: 16:00 to 18:00 except on Sundays), you can make arrangements with the reception before arrival. You will receive a code for the key box with a view to having always access to your holiday home.

  3. Do I have to pay a deposit at arrival?
    answer: No, every guest is insured when booked with Novasol. Please report damages and accidents to the front desk/reception!

  4. Can I use the internet at the park?
    aswer: each holiday home has a free wifi internet access point.

  5. Is it possible to use the facilities at the park without me staying at the park??
    answer: the park has no facilities other than a car park and a reception where a small range of foods is sold. Your guests are welcome and do not have to pay an entry fee. 

  6. Where can I find the map of the park?
    answer: here.

  7. Can I pay by credit card at the park?
    answer: At the reception you can only pay cash or with debit card with a personal code.

  8. Where do I find the address and directions to the park?
    answer: The address is Boomsweg 1-70, 7645 AA Hoge Hexel, the Netherlands
    directions: Once in Wierden follow the signs to the recreation area "Het Lageveld". The entrance of our park is located opposite the entrance and parking space of the recreation area. see also menu "on the map". 

  9. Can I reach the park easily by public transport?
    answer: Not really. The railway stations Vriezenveen and Wierden are at three kilometre distance from the park.

  10. Is it allowed to use a barbecue at the park?
    answer: yes, provided the normal precautions are being observed.

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